About Us

Environmental Wealth South Africa is directing our focus and efforts in South Africa towards introducing life changing technologies for the benefit of its people. Our specific aim is become the leading provider of disruptive technologies in the South African market, where we have initiated a number of operations thus far. We want to be recognised as one of South Africa’s largest job creators and the leading implementers of remediation technologies and sustainable projects.

We will achieve this objective by consistently delivering high quality and innovative technologies to support local entrepreneurs, end users, consultants and distributors. EWSA executives work closely with local and International contacts to seek and develop innovative & disruptive technologies that add value and enhance the quality of life for millions of people. Furthermore, EWSA assists both companies and individuals with their compliance and governance requirements accordingly. Simultaneously, our intent is to assist any business in the development, compliance and management of their (CSD) Corporate Social Development initiatives . This includes assisting our clients to comply with the latest King IV Report and the reduction of their carbon footprint through renewable energy solutions and non-water based technologies, thereby also aligning with the International Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

The creation of a consultation group for the remediation & regeneration of water, land and air, will spearhead our company’s implementation plans and provide access to the specialists and technologies among all our local and international partners.

Environmental Wealth SA is a consortium of technologists and visionaries from around the world who are united in implementing the latest disruptive technologies that will help protect the environment and establish viable and self-sustainable lifestyles. The technologies that EWSA promote will help to create a cleaner future for our planet, and after 3 years of in-house research into the country’s environmental standpoint, we are now well established within South Africa to make a positive and lasting impact.

We offer a unique suite of technologies, that have the potential to produce multi-million dollar revenue streams for our stakeholders and beneficiaries. The aim is to seek empowered individuals & companies in South Africa who are established in either consulting practices or the distribution of specific technologies within the sectors that EWSA promote. In addition, EWSA will focus on assisting black businesses to establish themselves as leading entrepreneurs in their respective fields, and gain a strong competitive advantage through access to our core products and technologies. Through well-defined and simple processes, and the introduction of applicable technologies, we can solve many of South Africa’s lingering environmental challenges, together.